Your Business Needs Come First

Our philosophy with technology planning is that the business drives the technology – not the other way around. We listen to you and prioritize your challenges and needs in a “Business First” approach to creatively apply technology processes and solutions to enable and support your business.

Picking the right combination of technology solutions and services help form a strong defensive architecture for a given business environment.

Choosing Your Technology Investment

We help you focus on your technology-enabled business while we worry about the technology. A DAS partnership provides you with experienced and knowledgeable technologists who understand the business and how business and technology are woven together.

We work with you to:

  • Hear your needs, challenges, and understand your priorities.
  • Ensure your overall Business, Compliance and the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery requirements are enabled by the technology, not hobbled by it.
  • Perform assessments of your technology platform including the IT infrastructure and Applications.
  • Evaluate your current overall technology strategy and look for opportunities to provide targeted technology investments in line with your budget requirements.
  • If requested, match the technology plan to a services proposal providing a comprehensive approach for your information technology services and solution needs.

The eventual goal is for the technology plan to address the following:

  • IT Infrastructure refresh policies
  • On-premise v.s. Cloud strategy
  • Security
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • IT Staff augmentation, retention, recruitment and training
  • Refresh and re-design or business applications
  • IT onboarding of new staff

A Trusted and Strategic Partner

DAS has built its reputation as a strong partner through its nation-wide support capability, strong vendor relationships and a commitment to deliver on promises with no excuses. That’s the type of no-nonsense partnership that differentiates us from the others.

Our real-world experience and expertise will provide you with a valuable partner to help plan and deliver your technology services and solutions. We listen carefully to your needs and bring the right expertise and insights to your business technology planning.

Let's talk!

Let’s discuss how you can concentrate more on your business and worry less about your technology!