BCDR Services to Keep you Ready to Respond

The goal of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is to limit risk and get an organization running as close to normal as possible after an unexpected interruption. Proper Business Continuity planning ensures minimal to no interruption to business operations in case of the critical events, thus decreasing the risk of emergencies. Disaster Recovery processes enable an organization to get back on its feet with minimal impact after problems occur and reduce the risk of data loss and reputational harm.

Our partnership goes beyond the development or revision of your existing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans. We use proven and tested proprietary methodologies as well as third party products to develop and help maintain your BCDR Plan to keep it ready.

As a fully engaged partner wed assist in developing the processes and procedures that ensure your plan is kept relevant, consistent and tested.

Comprehensive Approach to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Methodical process to develop a sound plan for your Business ensuring uninterrupted operations and that when recovery is required, you’re ready. BCDR Plan will serve as fully documented guide to direct the full restoration of your business process and information capability. Once the plan is developed and accepted within your business we can assist in implementing the plan and keeping it up-to-date and relevant.

Backup and Restoration

Highly customized backup configurations based on customer preferences.

Easily back up to on-premise local storage and to a single or multiple offsite and cloud locations.

Ability to spin-up Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware environments in the cloud.

Centralized 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure backups are successful.

Notifications of any communication disruptions from onsite equipment to our monitoring system.

Performance of corrective action to complete failed backups.

A monthly consolidated report on backup successes, issues, and remediation.

Monitoring and Management

Preventive maintenance services for complete IT Infrastructure.

Proactive and regimented monitoring and resolution of common problems experienced within the network, servers and end user devices.

Handling of all hardware, system software patches and issues, viruses and spyware monitoring and remediation.

An extensive library of pre-created management scripts that are further customized to your IT Infrastructure.

Seamless Integration with our 24x7 Service Desk.

Network and Security Assessments.

Cyber Security Services

Strong partnership. Design for security upfront. Proven third party platforms incorporated into a full suite of services.

Experienced and knowledgeable technologists who understand the security issues and how business and technology are woven together.

Services and solutions designed with safeguarding your business in mind.

Complete Security Operations Center Services.

Response and Remediation.

Advanced Threat Detection.

Next-Generation Endpoint Security.

The DAS Advantage

You can’t predict a disaster, but you can prepare for it.

Leverage your DAS partnership and services to formulate an effective plan and response. With DAS engaged with your planning team, we will work with you to develop a new or review your existing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan. Although there is no one-size fits all methodology, we find the following activities should be included when developing the plan:

  • If your organization does not yet have a BCDR Planning Group, we will assist in establishing the group by identifying the appropriate roles, responsibilities and stakeholder personnel who will actively participate in BCDR plan development, testing and implementation.
  • Perform risk and business impact analysis to understand the greatest risks that threaten your overall organization and the impact of those risks on various functions of the business.
  • Identify, classify, and prioritize recovery of your key organizations, business processes and applications.
  • Analyze and confirm critical metrics such as Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), etc.
  • Work with business stakeholders to determine the interdependence of business functions. This will help to confirm whether application and IT service dependencies allow you to meet RTOs and SLAs.
  • Answer the question: How will your business recover from a disruption in a secure and productive way?
  • Perform technology assessments of your infrastructure and existing technology solutions.
  • Develop backup and recovery procedures which would be at the heart of the BCDR Plan.
  • Identify Services and/or Solutions required for successful implementation, support, testing and ongoing maintenance of the (BCDR) Plan.

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