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Managed Backup

Secure Solutions backed by Experience

Backing our solution is an experienced team of technical professionals who provide:

  • Centralized 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure backups are successful
  • Notifications of any communication disruptions from onsite equipment to our monitoring system
  • Performance of corrective action to complete failed backups
  • Upon request, a full restore can be run by our team
  • A monthly consolidated report on backup successes, issues, and remediation
  • Access to an exclusive phone support line to the solution experts

DAS Makes the Difference

With a flexible, robust managed backup solution, DAS can:

  • Implement highly customized backup configurations based on customer preferences
  • Easily back up to on-premise local storage and to the cloud
  • Provide fast recovery times
  • Spin-up Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware environments in the cloud
  • Provide Image and file replication
  • Replicate to a secondary storage site

DAS Secure Cloud Backup Solution – Scalable and Cost-Effective

DAS Secure Cloud Backup is a highly scalable and cost-effective way for our clients to get the data protection they need to ensure interruption-free business operations. DAS Secure Cloud Backup solution can be deployed within hours and without any upfront capital investment from our clients. Our solution is highly scalable ensuring you never run out of storage space. You can grow your backup plan in lockstep with your needs as your business expands.

DAS Secure Cloud Backup Platform offers several features that provide maximum security when backing up to and restoring from the cloud. Data is first compressed to ensure that bandwidth is minimized during transmission and then encrypted using a unique 256-bit AES encryption key to ensure that it cannot be accessed by others.

For added security, all encrypted data is sent over the Internet via a secure channel, and then stored in SSAE-16 certified secure data centers located in North America. Data in the cloud is stored as generic objects that can only be decrypted and reassembled by our customers’ backup agent software, preventing our data centers from being exploited.

The platform includes multiple safeguards to prevent denial of service attacks or portal hacking, and our cloud architecture is built to protect against outside threats. Each data center has 24/7 monitoring and advanced security measures, such as biometrically controlled access as well as backup generators and redundant connections to the Internet.

How Will You Protect Your Business?

In today’s modern and globally connected business climate, 24×7 uptime has become the norm, not the exception. Protecting files and folders alone is no longer enough – companies demand IT solutions that can also provide full business recovery capabilities. In addition, the mission-critical nature of data protection and business continuity make ease-of-use vital for successful operations.

Our clients count on us to make IT affordable, reliable, and secure. The technology world is becoming an increasingly virtualized and cloud-powered environment while protecting your business’ strategic assets is simultaneously more urgent and more complex than ever before. Our managed backup solutions are engineered for ease of use and to help secure your data assets through technologies and architectures that enable hybrid local-cloud storage, scalability, security, and reliability. We attain ease-of-use through streamlined installation, advanced automation, a backup status dashboard, and support for multiple revisions, logs and reports, and email notifications.

Protecting your Data Anytime, Anywhere

The DAS backup platform allows you to take advantage of the benefits of both local and cloud-based backups. Local backups offer the fastest recovery times, and serve the many of a business’s data protection and business continuity needs. Cloud-based backups enable effective recovery from more catastrophic site outages
or natural disasters. Securing your data is as mission-critical as protecting operations and maximizing business availability.

Our Managed Backup platform leverages proven technology designed to ensure our clients enjoy a high level of data availability. Locally, our process verifies the catalog and ensures the integrity of the item list before any backups or restores run to make sure that we are always uploading a valid, reliable copy of your catalog. Separate scans are also performed within our cloud platform at each of our remote data centers to again ensure that your data remains intact. If we detect even the slightest irregularity in data at rest within a particular data center, we will immediately replace this data with the verified copy stored in our other location.

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