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ShareSync – Enterprise grade file sharing and collaboration

ShareSync: Improve backup, mobility and collaboration

  • File backup. Real-time (not scheduled) backup for user files, with simple recovery
  • File sharing and collaboration. Sync and share files internally and externally using virtually any device, while maintaining control over file access permissions
  • Admin control and security. Keep your data safe and protected while consolidating two separate services for simpler management.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery. ShareSync keeps operations up and running across a number of scenarios, from stolen devices to ransomware outbreaks.

  • File saved to ShareSync across your machine are backed up and synced in real time
  • Files stay up to date whenever an update is made
  • Backed up files are secured and instantly recoverable for those worst-case scenarios

Easily share folders for collaboration

  • Share folders with co-workers or external users with one click
  • Share directly from the corporate address book
  • Control access with “Co-Owner,” “Modify”, and “View” permissions
  • Modify permissions at any time
  • Set different permissions for sub-folders
  • Change to files in shared folders are automatically synced
  • Easily share content with groups using Exchange Any

Share files with anyone via web link

  • ShareSync file can be shared with anyone
  • Files can be viewed even if the recipient doesn’t use ShareSync
  • Can be shared using the Send Link function from the ShareSync web portal, or by copy/pasting the ink into email
  • Links are secure, but can be further protected with a password
  • Distribution Lists

Enterprise-grade Security Features

  • Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit
  • Each account’s data is encrypted with a unique security key
  • Only authorized users can access ShareSync
  • Strong-password policies are enforced
  • Mobile devices can be further secured with a ShareSync passcode
  • ShareSync data can be remotely wiped from virtually any device – including desktops and laptops
  • Audit Log tracks all ShareSync events on an account

Integrates with Outlook and Office

  • Sync files right from Office programs
  • Save files to ShareSync directly from the ribbon on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Lock shared files to prevent conflicts
  • Restore previous versions

  • Share files without leaving Outlook
  • Send attachments as ShareSync links
  • Set up for on-demand or automatic link replacement

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